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I remember as a child never liking my name.  It was not as cool as my playmate’s names and definitely not as popular.  From “Linton” to “Lynntonne”  to “Len” and even to “Lentil”, I embraced every attempt to divorce myself of it’s identity for any other more common and acceptable title.  My childhood naivety  soon gave way to a deeper understanding when I found my relation with Jesus Christ and discovered He had purpose in my life and thus in the name Lenton.  I soon discovered my creative nature and joined that to my love for the guitar for a life journey that was unmistakably ordered by the hand of God so that this name Lenton  would represent a servant of God,  a cup bearer in His inner court  and a worshiper of God in song, the spoken word and in life itself.

Music has always been a part of my journey.  I could always find joy, comfort and relevance in a song and none was more true when as a thirteen year old my guitar proficiencies earned me the rhythm guitarist position at my local church.  This experience soon blossomed into an academic career first at Humbler College School of Performing Arts  studying performance and improvising with world class jazz greats, Don Thompson, Peter Harris and Pat Lebarbara then, exploring composition and arranging at York University under the guidance of music legends Lorne Lofsky and Oscar Peterson.  Along the way I’ve taught in various venues in the greater Toronto area and even apprenticed in guitar building having built a few electric and acoustic guitars over the years.

My performing career has taken me to some of the most prestigious stages in Southern Ontario.  I have performed with various groups at Massey Hall, Roy Thompson Hall, The CNE Band shell and Rogers Centre and also participated in the Du Maurier Jazz Festival, The Beaches Jazz Festival, The Burlington Music Festival, the WOMAD festival and the CNE Concert Series.  Having travelled with The Toronto Mass Choir throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Eastern USA, I can be heard on their recordings “Great is Thy Glory”, “God is Our Hope” and “Follow Him”.

 “Believe” as my first solo project is the latest incarnation and development of my talents and gifts.  It has allowed me to showcase my song writing, orchestrating and singing in an eclectic mix of urban gospel soul with forays into my Caribbean heritage and contemporary blues- rock influences.  As producer, arranger and creative director, this album is the first of many to come that will not only draw on the diverse music experience I have collected in my career but also soar on the bountiful harvest  of faith I have been blessed to have in my life. 

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